Monday, August 31, 2009

Weigh In Monday

The scale said: 145.6

I wanted to go ahead and post beginning measurements today but BOTH of my little tape measures are missing. The kids think they are fun toys:)
My eating is going pretty well. I did great yesterday until I took the girls swimming over my mother-in-laws and even though I wrote in my journal and told myself I was only going to eat 1/2 sandwich and garden veggies and not chips and dessert, guess what I ate, Sandwich, veggies and also too many chips and a small ice cream cone. I know I can't deprive myself of things and I don't plan on it but, it seems every time I allow myself something unhealthy I totally get off track eating. So for now going to try to limit sweets and high fat foods.

My Exercise Goals for this Week:

Mon- Run 3 miles (I ran 2.8miles)
Tue- Run 40 minutes
Wed - Jillian Michael's 30 day shred Level 2
Thur- Run 40 minutes
Fri- Level 2 30 day shred
Sat- Run 4 miles
Sun- Level 2 30 day shred

This is going to be tough but finishing that 4 miles will feel so great! That will be longest distance I have ever run. What are your exercise goals for the week?

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